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find attached the meeting notes/summary from the FOSDEM in-person board, MC and team meeting on 2019-02-01 and 2019-01-31. The meeting took place in private and these are now made public in accordance with our statutes.


Development mentor
 + will be advertising again at FOSDEM
 + blog post goes live, from now on ask for applications
 + this role is clearly important: need a mentor
 + fliers - we can have at the booth
 AI: printed jobs-board -> put up an advert (Florian / Mike)

Visual identity
 AI: coming up with a more detailed written plan (Franklin)

Legal business entity
+ Resolved: that TDF will support and fund the research needed to create a peer not-for-profit business entity supporting TDF's mission that:
   + would transfer parts of its admin and infra to the new entity.
+ would not directly control the entity but can reset in case of failure.
   + TDF would then cover incorporation and seed funding costs
+ Resolved: TDF will form a subcommittee to define details, budgets, dates, and report back for decision no later than the next Board face-to-face meeting at the conference.
   + no explicit budget - re-using Florian's discretionary budget.
 Vote plus: Bjoern, Simon, Franklin, Thorsten, Michael, Cor, Eike, Marina
   + thanks for doing the work (Florian)
     + we need this, whatever it looks like.
   + Sub-committee: Simon, Michael, Thorsten, Florian, Marina
     + will circulate all E-mails to the BoD anyway (Simon)

 + started to deploy it a while back
 + trained on how to enter the data.
 + booking the donations - more time-consuming than we thought
   + 2nd phase: wrt. covering MC database, donate page + live feeds etc.
      + got deferred
      + want to test it works as expected
   + longer than planned
   + newsletter-management, event management, member mgmt
      + delayed, not cancelled.

Cloud hosting
 + trying to avoid maintaining our own Gluster
 + for CI-stuff, renting resource at Amazon too expensive.
 + evaluate migrating a few of them makes sense.
 + helpful - widely shared
   + try to get rid of distributed file-system / crash-recovery
 + not strongly in favour of current setup (Guilhelm)
   + in favour of hosting ourselves.
   + not in love with Gluster.
 + independent from last 2 glitches.
   + not directly related, not the reason to look.
 + buying new H/W for CI - is it ? (Bjoern)
   + perhaps don't need more H/W but shift things around.
   + the non-CPU bound loads into the cloud, and use H/W for CI.
   + current hypervisor wouldn't make good build-bots (Guilhelm)

Incomes, diversifying income stream, recurring donations, 2018 results
 + recurring - is 14% of donations - corrected vs. cancellation (was 16%)
+ donate page - have been optimized, changed payroll providers left & right
 + 2018 - best year so far - Eur 855k
   + next best year - Eur805k
   + last year ~Eur 730k
   + last year - drop in donations: on-line updaters disabled for a while.
+ if we go to app-stores, and people don't see donate: need something there.
 + we should work to make donation flow less seasonal (Italo)
   + increase during summer months.
   + 60-65% autumn/winter
   + working people download this (Michael)
   + no problem with fluctuation (Cor)
     + majority northern hemishphere, southern - is sub 20% (Italo)
       + we can do something there.
 + free reserve: Eur 450k
   + whatever occurs - nearly 1/2m in the bank.
     + can pile up 10% of annual income / donations into that;
        + TDF is pretty stable.
     + do have safety - here.
        + won't find in the budget; everything except that.
    + recurring donations: topic for 2019
      + CiviCRM should handle this for us.
        + lets see.
+ our fund-raising approach before Xmas to improve it ~5-10% win (Italo)
    + take wikipedia:
       + banner -> make a fair amount of money with that
       + adapt that model for us (?)
    + our website is too generic for fund-raising (Italo)
       + should target users by custers
       + companies -> there, individuals -> here
       + TDF is an almost useless website
          + members get members ...
       + everyone in the world can donate money for many reasons
          + find the reasons - put them into the website.
       + not changing the pages, but paths should seem made for them.
    + more diverse income stream:
        + different payment providers, if update check is disabled.
    + website in terms of structure: 5 years old (Italo)
+ sub-optimal for mobile; trying to patch it - but not good for mobiles
        + review of the CSS: menu of 2-3 levels - improve flow
        + 2-3 levels: easier to put in the tree.

Outcome for budget, priorities and marketing strategy
Marketing guideines (Michael)
        + thanks for open-ness to change; and good ideas
        + there is a real problem here
                + consensus on this and fixing it
                + conensus on scope for improvement (Throsten)
        + guidelines
                + reasons -> not micro mgmt
                   + left to marketing.
                + promote those doing the good work.
                        + with news-worthy new entrants etc.
                + easy & fun -> free giveaway message:
                        + harder - balancing things
                        + remove the fear of doing something wrong.
                + and kill complaints.
                + fighting for scraps of relevance.
                + celebrating our whole community:
                  building the ecosystem for eeryone:
                    + certified trainers, migrators, etc.
                + a big step change in enthusiasm.
                    + for people doing good things.
                + Simon - working on the guidelines (Bjoern)
    + crediting contributions, is important (Florian)
       + focus on marketing that ...
       + uncertainties on what is allowed
          + work on guidelines to frame what we can say.
+ Create very rough marketing guidelines for Mike to include commercially-credited content such as interviews with company reps and case studies (Simon)
 AI: Simon to draft - and whole board to comment there

    + worked boosting our twitter, facebook accounts etc. (Mike)
       + youtube 450k extra views.
         + the feature video was quite popular
       + would like %ages (Thorsten)
         + 17k -> 22k twitter
         + 47k -> 50k facebook
         + 30-40% growth on youtube.

    + twitter account: Mike, Italo & Charles
       + do different things there.

    + like to improve use of LinkedIn pages (Italo)
       + use a social media publishing platform
       + Italian Assoc. of Journalists - have direct access, 50% discount
           + around Eur 150 for team of 10.
           + see what we're publishing on each platform
       + in Italian & English.
       + don't need to spend time on it.

    + slightly more clippings (from shrinking media) (Italo)
    + 25 visitors on their playstation portables (Mike)

    + community outreach
        + infobar - 800 people to the page each day (Mike)
           + up from a negligable number (Italo)
        + is that 24k people coming ? (Cor)
           + somehow - we see that in people getting involved ?
              + any idea on that.
              + hard to tell.
AI:           + track where people go from there (Mike)
           + we should track the changes caused.
        + glitch in thunderbird (Italo)
           + if t-bird page doesn't load
           + request for donation loads anyway.
           + can disable it, but its the default.
        + get involved page had 50/day (Mike)
           + now went to 800

Certification program
    + approved a change on the pre-requisites
       + makes it easier to understand if you fit or not.
    + training can be for end-users (as or up-to-today)
    + or may be training targetted to outside developers
       + people supposed to do development in some org.
       + in this case can apply for development-training
       + know that people in our community can do this.
    + barrier: an increase of applications.
       + from people who didn't understand pre-requisites
       + I do regular trainings, but don't care about the
       + want to certify people who are contributing to the
         community - they have to contribute back.
         + doesn't mean only devs adding patches etc. but something.
    + Happy too see training for developers:
       + 1 GSOC student - is not training.
       + if have them all - have 25 certifications for that.
       + a meta-skill needed: not only able to train, but to build a
         training programme, to build the materials, and training is
            + never use the same slides for training; change them.
       + published in the next couple of days
          + document is ready.
       + don't like the category or how it was introduced (Michael)
       + request for certification - not able to answer (Italo)
          + people who had requested - but not fitting our profile.
          + improve in a way - people not qualified.
    + increase the workshops
       + China, Japan, Indonesia, and today request for Greece.
    + at the end - drive the good ones to become contributors at large
       + for every kind of activity in the project
       + not just trainin, but migrations.
       + Development beyond migration training capabilities.

Extensions and templates site
       + invested in improving plone
       + doesn't make much sense to invest in improving that
       + have a few CMS' running
       + plone is a CMS for large scale & for a big company etc.
          + there perhaps suitable.
       + for other things - likely overkill.
          + following two off these - likely to give results.
       + poked by WordPress consultants/developers
          + they're wordpress developers.
          + Heiko presented requirements.
          + what we have & want to improve.
         + consider tendering instead ?
         + would be open-source ...
       + OpenDesktop - another option -> moved to own company
       + also offered someting;
          + likely one of these will be the outcome.
       + GNOME shell extensions another option (Michael)
       + have wordpress developers in the community (Italo)
    + time spent on reviews, source-hosting (Bjoern)
       + would like not to replicate if we can avoid it.
       + separate the index of extensions from the hosting.
       + 2 things: not one thing.
+ for the hosting: github can host extensions - it's a solved problem.
       + move to community review / rating.
          + not a "TDF stamp" -> extension free of malware: can't really do
       + can have a community of checkers ? (Simon)
          + have a few people download it first.
       + focus on index: of existing extensions, review & feedback channel.
    + think there is some need - but do we need to act today? (Thorsten)
       + can we get more input first?
+ would prefer to discuss at least the technical details in public (Thorsten)
    + getting plone -> Wordpress has social advantages (Bjoern)
    + get interested people involved:
       + Heiko, OpenDesktop, Buovjaga, etc.
    + Bjoern is interested in making this happen
       + Buovjaga tried to install Plone but failed to.
       + Guilhelm takes care of updating this.
    => Bjoern share technical details with involved people.

Community building and focal points
        1. Hackfests: Tirana, Paris
        2. LibreOffice Conference
           + Almeria 9th-15th September
        3. Community focus: India, Africa (Italo)
            + try to nurture the local community a bit.
            + can we get to one event later in the year
            + thanks to contacts with OSI
            + collected contacts in Africa
               + start with E-mail outreach
               + can we go anywhere ?
            + Tanzania - using LibreOffice in schools
               + trying to put them together
               + get more information, and be at FLOSS events
            + invited year after fork in
               + tell us about it 10 years afterwards.
               + suggest events in Europe, place call for papers
               + LibreOffice after 10 years.

app stores
    + no technical reasons not to do this.
    + has a tool to convert this to make it suitable
    + need to adapt install so it's not just English.
    + we would be ready to go and publish it
    + donation income is mostly from the download page.
       + should we offer it in the app-store.
    + if we do should we offer it for free
    + can we make it a paid version ? (Mike)
       + need to see how - but can be (Florian)
       + some apps - for free on Android etc.
       + download free - but donation, remove popup (Cor)
    + another option - ecosystem companies do it (Thorsten)
       + for a fee, donating that - part / all of income to TDF.
       + not doing anything is not an option
    + itunes - from 400/day to 50/day (Michael)

Quick update on COSM
   + Francis Cave driving this to getting a complete 1.3 spec.
   + Going through the edits in the weekly TC meetings.
   + By end of Feb. publishable ODF 1.3 spec expected.
   + A number of bits have been punted to ODF 1.4
      + several places need improving in the spec.
   + ISO approval - needs some travel budget etc.
   + looking good, pleasure to deal with Francis

* Hosting vs. Cloud
+ suggest to prefer moving service to cloud before buying new HW (Thorsten)
    + suggest not CI / compile at Amazon (Michael)
    + prefer not to have to run clustered FS ourselves (Florian)
    + does Guilhelm have experience of cloud-iness (Bjoern?)
        + can he look into moving simple websites to Amazon.
    + free up existing hardware for CI
    => investigate migrating Gluster using workloads to Amazon / elsewhere

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